Lawyers for Choice invite interested pro-choice legal academics, practitioners, undergraduate and postgraduate law students, and legal activists to an open ‘kitchen table’ meeting. The purpose of the meeting will be to plan future activities and create working groups. All lawyers, and especially law students, are most welcome. Those who attend will decide the meeting agenda together. However, likely topics for discussion now and in the future (drawn from email feedback from prospective members) include:

  • Administrative issues e.g. forming a steering group/committee, governance principles.
  • Fundamentals of reproductive justice advocacy and reproductive rights law.
  • Prioritising and drafting ‘position papers’.
  • Drafting plain English ‘explainers’ on important legal issues.
  • Public legal education: events and materials.
  • Student-led activities, on and off campus.
  • Practitioner activities.
  • Knowledge exchange events for politicians and practitioners.
  • Creating online and print resources to inform politicians, practitioners and the voting public.
  • Collaboration with other pro-choice groups.

If you have any advance suggestions for the agenda or need further information, please email

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