Lawyers StallLawyers for Choice is a collective of practising lawyers, law students and legal scholars, working for reproductive justice in Ireland (for lawyers working to similar ends in the UK, including Northern Ireland see here). We are a member group of the national campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment Together For Yes.

Although this group was founded in 2014, other collectives have also used this name at earlier stages in the struggle against the 8th Amendment.

Our aim is to promote human-rights-compliant options for reform of the law on abortion and maternity, and to improve public awareness of international best practice in these areas. Our advocacy is always grounded in rigorous legal research by experts in the field of reproductive rights. We are volunteer-run and we do not receive external funding. We are not a party political group.

Our work includes:

  • Commentary on Irish reproductive healthcare law in the press and online.
  • Independent legal research.
  • Legal consultancy and research for other pro-choice groups working to reform the abortion law.
  • Providing speakers and legal facilitators for pro-choice events.
  • Public legal education on issues of abortion law reform in Ireland.

If you would like to work with us please email